Alert Sentry - Testimonails

Being worried about my mother living alone at home, I decided to give her the Alert Sentry System. Mom wasn't very receptive about the idea, but agreed to take the system to make me feel better. It wasn't even a week later when she called to say 'thank you' and to let me know she actually felt safer and more independent. I feel much better too, knowing Mom can get help if she needs it! Thank you.

    - J. Kincaid Appleton, Wisconsin

When my grandmother had a heart attack and then a stroke we didn't even know if she would recover let alone want to return home. This is exactly what happened after 3 months in the hospital and rehab. If it wasn't for the Alert Sentry System no one in the family would have felt comfortable letting go home. Thank you.

    - M. Klark Manchester, NH

My Wife, Son and I moved from Long Island to Pennsylvania and wanted my mother who is 72 to come with us. She wanted to stay independent in her home. The Alert Sentry System gave both us and her peace of mind knowing she'd be safe even if we weren't next door!

    - R. Samson Walnutport, PA