Alert Sentry - Accessories

Additional Pendant Buttons are used for several different reasons. More than one individual in the home needs access to being able to get help at the push of a button. And, many of our customers order extra Pendant Buttons to be placed strategically throughout the home in the event someone forgets to wear theirs.
    Necklace. This can be worn normally or tucked subtly under a sweater or shirt.
    Wristband/Necklace Convertible. This product simply converts from the wristband to a necklace.

The Alert Sentry lockbox provides you with Peace of Mind, knowing that you control who has access to your home. Now you can keep your door locked 24 hours a day, while your family, friends and emergency personnel have access to your home.
    Door Knob Mount. This hangs on the door knob or handle and requires no installation.
    Surface Mount. This model would be surface mounted near the door.