Alert Sentry - Safety At Home

    The Alert Sentry emergency response system brings loved ones independence and peace of mind. As we age we don't always ask or admit that we sometimes need help, not wanting to burden those we love. That's why it's our responsibility to provide the gift of safety, the Alert Sentry Emergency Response System.

    The fastest growing segment of the population is that of senior citizens (baby boomers). We all have parents, grandparents, loved ones, special needs individuals, or maybe even ourselves fall into this category. Understanding this fact, we realize the desire to live independently, at home and for as long as possible. Alert Sentry offers extended independence, freedom, and safety to those individuals. It is our mission at Alert Sentry to provide you or your loved ones with the ability to enjoy an unchanged lifestyle at home.

    The Alert Sentry Personal Emergency Response System is a practical gift. Or, you may benefit from the system yourself - you'll have a personal connection to people who care, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
A Gift of Safety - That Can Be Used By Everyone
  • For seniors, college students, baby sitters, children, handicapped and others.
  • Year round, 24-hour safety.
  • One-Button control immediately reaches Call Center response experts.
Enhanced Independence
    With the One-Button control on the Main Console and Remote Pendant, users can immediately reach our Call Center of caring trained professionals, who summon the appropriate help immediately.