Alert Sentry - About the Company

Alert Sentry, LLC - Personal Service; Fast, Dependable Technology
    Alert Sentry is committed to providing extended personal freedom and safety at home. They achieve this through the use of advanced technology allowing you to summon help throughout your home should the need arise. Alert Sentry, allowing you to live your life at home.
A Reliable Personal Emergency Response System That's Easy to Use
    Developed jointly by telecommunications and healthcare professionals, the Alert Sentry System package consists of equipment that is Ready To Use and works with your existing telephone line. No cable or internet connection is needed. No installation call needs arranging.
Inspired by a Real Life Need
    Alert Sentry was founded with a specific need based on a simple question.
    "Where in the community can you obtain a Personal Emergency Response System and exactly what can this system offer me or my loved one?"
    Glenn Maxwell, one of the company's founders, based this premise for Alert Sentry upon an actual real life experience in 1991. This is when Glenn's grandmother suffered a fall in her driveway. She lay there for 6 hours, fortunate in knowing the mailman would be coming and she could get help then.

    Glenn, who has been in the alarm industry for over 20 years, looked for a system that would give his grandmother the ability to signal for help anywhere in her home. When he didn't find one, he built a personal emergency response system using off the shelf components.

    At first, Glenn's grandmother resisted the entire concept, feeling a threat to her independence and self-reliance. Reluctantly, she accepted and wore her button. Much to her surprise, she immediately felt a sense of safety and security. She discovered that the system actually allowed her to stay in her home enjoying an independent life. What she originally perceived as a threat to her independence was actually the key to it. The system also brought her family peace of mind knowing that Grandma could get help whenever she needed it.

    Technology has certainly evolved over the last decade and changed considerably since the first system Glenn built.